Out of the box: Original project overview

My first time applying to a city mural project we were given a theme. Our theme was to express pride in Peabody through our art with aspects of what truly makes the city a community. I was so excited to submit my work to the first round of an amazing opportunity I couldn’t wrap my mind around what is was I was going to do. My ideas bounced around until I was certain of what it was that gave me pride being a resident to this city. The initial inspiration came to me as I passed by a park and saw children and parents playing with bubbles. What my design is to me is the actuality of the vast melting pot that resides within out city lines and how everyone is connected to the history and advancements of this place. When I got the acceptance I was completely blown away and was very eager to get to work right away. Featured below is the timeline of my design coming to life. In my work I incorporated historical building that are found around the city and the variety of helping hands that are our friends, neighbors and families occupying where we call home.



Out of The Box: Take Two

I can’t express my Excitement enough! My original design submitted to the city of Peabody was selected to be painted on yet another city Lightbox. I was thrilled when I got the call and the head of the project was so happy I was chosen for another round of painting. Being a part of my city is something that truly brings me joy. Its great to have the constant exposure as a developing art professional but my heart is in bringing a new light to this town that is otherwise sullen in the day to day experiences. I proposed to paint the light box that is at the end of the road where the very Elementary school I attended is housed. I felt the kids riding in on the bus, being driven or even walking to school would find the mornings lifeless and bleak. I wanted to add something to say there is fun to be had no matter the situation.¬†Below you will see photos as I brought my idea to life! (more photos of finished product coming)



Recent Project: City Painted Piano

I was so ecstatic to find out I was chosen to participate in the city of Peabody’s painted piano project that was a collaboration among Opportunity Peabody, the Peabody Cultural Collaborative, ArcWorks Community Art Center, Peabody Access Telecommunications, the Peabody Institute Library and Rousselot inc. With my shared love for playing the piano and art, I was immediately sending in my application in hopes my design would be picked. After some time I got the news I was indeed selected for this project and three other artists and I were hard at work immediately. The entire month of April was designated for this activity and time was ticking away as the muscle aches from strange contorted positions from hours of painting set in. I was enthralled and driven the entire time I added layer after layer slowly watching my visions unravel onto this unique platform. My entire being was rejoiced to be a part of yet another community art piece. I truly believe people come together and feel much more comfortable surrounded by examples of art in there hometown areas.

You can view the entire photo timeline of this project here and I hope it is enjoyed as much as I enjoyed the entire process.

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