Out of The Box: Take Two

I can’t express my Excitement enough! My original design submitted to the city of Peabody was selected to be painted on yet another city Lightbox. I was thrilled when I got the call and the head of the project was so happy I was chosen for another round of painting. Being a part of my city is something that truly brings me joy. Its great to have the constant exposure as a developing art professional but my heart is in bringing a new light to this town that is otherwise sullen in the day to day experiences. I proposed to paint the light box that is at the end of the road where the very Elementary school I attended is housed. I felt the kids riding in on the bus, being driven or even walking to school would find the mornings lifeless and bleak. I wanted to add something to say there is fun to be had no matter the situation. Below you will see photos as I brought my idea to life! (more photos of finished product coming)




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