As an artist, I currently work in a community art center building based on giving back to the community as well as, a Caning company providing a traditional handicraft to customers all around the regional area. Art in its many forms has always been the most thrilling substance in my life. The ability to transform objects or large scale canvas’s into a coveted conversation piece has aloud me to share my excitement and passion to others. Painting has always been the medium i’ve gravitated most to. I would describe my palette as giving my work an energetic, bright and playful feel. My accomplished public art gives me the drive and sensibility to give back to my own home town. Leaning on the abstract side of things, my work is induced by feelings of an inner child meshed with the influences of the modern world. I very rarely like the idea of using a plain canvas and take interest in filling any opportunity to bring life to a city in order to fuel the streets with color and bring people together. I’ve participated in painting one of the electrical boxes in Peabody Ma, that is located on the intersection of Washington st. and Main st., along with a public piano that is on display at the Northshore Mall. My commissioned work has involved adding a statement to the local business Tony’s Recon, Rooms enhanced with personal forests and as well as hallway gardens. I look forward to any and every opportunity I can take advantage of and hope to connect families and friends in a creative way.